EcoStyle non-toxic paints for healthy homes

EcoStyle non-toxic paints for healthy homes

Organic vegetable gardens, rainwater tanks, maximising natural light, minimising energy consumption: contemporary families are increasingly embracing environmental and health conscious initiatives in their homes.

Whether it’s a new architectural home or a quality renovation, consumers are becoming more informed about the non-toxic and healthy options available and choosing them over more highly toxic and polluting substances when they plan their projects.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints are the ideal choice for people who care about the air quality of their homes and the health of their families. Being non-toxic and very low VOC means cleaner air for your family both during and after painting. As a result, they are the ideal paint for adults and children suffering with multiple chemical sensitivity or asthma.

GECA Certification provides assurance that EcoStyle Paints contain none of the known carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals present in many other paint brands. 

A healthy lifestyle deserves a healthy home. Choosing EcoStyle Paints complements the other environmentally friendly and health conscious choices made for your home and family.

Its high performance formulation also makes EcoStyle Paints ideal for high quality renovations in rental properties - see our news story Rental properties no problem for EcoStyle Paints.

Why choose EcoStyle Paints for your home project?

  • Free of dangerous chemicals and solvents including formaldehyde, glycol ethers and pthalates
  • Very low Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Low odour: paint today, occupy tomorrow
  • The same premium quality interior paint that is used in schools, hospitals and government buildings such as the Australian War Memorial
  • Exceptional aesthetics
  • Scrubbable and easy to clean
  • Resists stain, dirt, mould, mildew and fungi
  • Certified as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia
  • Packaging can be easily recycled or reused

What does a non-toxic paint mean for your family?

Many paints contain chemicals that have been found to be harmful to human health. ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints contain none of the known carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals present in many other paint brands and are independently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia. Why do we avoid the nasty chemicals that are in many other paints? Take a look at the following information.

Glycol Ethers: Glycol ethers are used as solvents in resins and paints, and can be found in cleaning compounds and cosmetics. According to the US Environmental Protection Authority, short-term exposure to high levels of glycol ethers in humans can result in narcosis, pulmonary edema, upper respiratory tract irritation and severe liver and kidney damage. Chronic exposure may result in neurological and blood effects including fatigue, nausea, tremor and anaemia. EcoStyle Paints contain no glycol ethers.

FormaldehydesFormaldehyde is used in the manufacture of paints, wallpapers, glues and resins; as a disinfectant; and a preservative in consumer products and can be a major source of indoor air pollution. Formaldehyde is classified as carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organisation. Studies show it can induce squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal cavity in rats and nasopharyngeal cancer in humans. Indoor exposure can also cause irritation of the eyes and upper airways. EcoStyle Paints contain no formaldehydes.

Phthalates: Phthalates are chemical plasticisers used in the production of plastics, inks, paints, and other products. According to the International Chemical Secretariat, several phthalates are reported to disturb the endocrine system and act as a synthetic oestrogen causing deformities in male reproductive organs, premature breast development and breast cancer. EcoStyle Paints contain no phthalates.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)Volatile Organic Compounds are poisonous chemicals that can easily evaporate at room temperature. They are emitted by a variety of commonly used products and are almost always found in indoor air. Indoor concentrations can be up to ten times higher than outdoors. Those gases can remain airborne for up to seven years. Short term exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, light-headedness, eye and respiratory irritation. Under the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS), EcoStyle Paints are considered very low VOC.

Ammonia: Ammonia is widely used in cleaners, disinfectants, fertilisers and the preparation of plastics and resins. In paints, it is often a source of the "new paint smell" that can linger for a long period of time after the job is completed. Exposure to high levels can cause irritation and burns to skin, mouth, throat, lungs and eyes. In waterways, it can cause moderate to long-term toxicity to aquatic life. EcoStyle Paints do not contain Ammonia.

Other ingredients: Titaniaum dioxide, Zinco oxide and Lithopene are also commonly used by paint manufacturers. Their production is extremely energy intensive. To achieve GECA certification, tight limits are placed on their use. EcoStyle Paints have no Lithopone content. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is well within the allowable limits. 


We recommend:

For bathrooms and laundies: EcoStyle Satin
For doors and trims: EcoStyle Gloss or EcoStyle Satin
For ceilings: EcoStyle Ceiling White

Brisbane renovation showcases non-toxic products

Brisbane couple, Lee and Lee-Anne Stevens (pictured above) went to great lengths to find natural, toxin-free and sustainable products when renovating their 1920s Queenslander.

They knew they would be moving in just after the birth of their first child, Poppy and wanted to create the purest possible environment for their “little being” to call home. Their vision was for an architecturally designed home that was also functional and eco-friendly.

Key elements of the renovation were combatting emissions from a nearby phone tower, using recycled timber, maximising natural airflow and light and careful wiring to reduce the impacts of electromagnetic fields. The selection of EcoStyle Paints for interior walls helped the couple to achieve their commitment to creating an environment for healthy living.

“We have a beautiful fresh house that doesn’t have the typical chemical smells and off-gassing of a new house. It feels great, and can take the knocks and bangs of everyday life.” – Lee Stevens

Read more about Lee and Lee-Anne's project in our project gallery, Brisbane Renovation showcases non-toxic products


Unlimited colour range 

Whether it’s a palette of earthy hues, abstract bright candy shades or subtle whites, greys and beiges, EcoStyle Paints can be tinted to the colour you want in a non-toxic, high performance version.

Our extensive database of thousands of colours is constantly updated with the latest and trending colours. Select your colour from any company’s colour range and ROCKCOTE can match EcoStyle Paints to suit. Simply provide a colour name, sample or swatch and let out specialised colour team work their magic!

EcoStyle Paints are tinted to your chosen colour by our stockist colour teams at the point of purchase.

For major projects, our in-house colour team can develop a selection of colour samples to suit your needs. Contact us for a colour offer to suit your preferred themes.

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