EcoStyle Paints

EcoStyle Paints

High performance, non toxic, very low VOC paints

Choosing the right paint should never require a compromise on product performance, or human health. That’s why ROCKCOTE developed EcoStyle Paints: ultra premium paints that last the distance, with the added benefit of being non toxic and very low VOC. 

Our unique high-performance formulation was developed in Australia with the most punishing and high traffic environments in mind: child care centres, schools, hospitals and public buildings. EcoStyle Paints are 100% acrylic making them incredibly tough and low maintenance.

EcoStyle Paints adhere better and have far superior abrasive scrub resistance than the competition (independent testing, 2012) so they are an ideal choice for education environments, health care, lasting refurbishments and government buildings where there can be no compromise on performance.


  • Premium quality interior paint
  • 100% acrylic
  • Exceptional aesthetics for all projects: from family homes to large commercial developments
  • Low maintenance three-coat system
  • Scrubbable and easy to clean
  • Resists stain, dirt, mould, mildew and fungi
  • Lasting results backed by a 15 year warranty

Your health:

  • Certified as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia
  • Low odour: paint today, occupy today
  • Non toxic: free of dangerous chemicals and solvents including formaldehyde, glycol ethers, phthalates and crystalline quartz silica. Read about why choosing a toxin free paint is important in our article What's in your paint?
  • Very Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) under Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) standards
  • Packaging can be easily washed out and reused

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints are the ideal choice for people who care about the air quality of their homes and the health of their families. Being non-toxic and very low VOC means cleaner air for your family both during and after painting.

EcoStyle Paints were used in a major building project at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane. Pictured is the new administration area

EcoStyle Paints by ROCKCOTE are ultra-premium quality paints that deliver a high performance, scrubbable finish without the use of toxic chemicals. Designed with exceptional aesthetics, easy maintenance and healthy indoor air in mind, they are the ideal paints for an education environment.

Hospitals and health care facilities need the very best quality paints that can withstand bumps and knocks, scrubbing and chemical cleaners. Being 100% acrylic and formulated with exterior grade resin gives EcoStyle Paints the edge on performance over other premium interior paints for clinical environments.

Whether it's a library, gallery, museum, office, council, commercial or government building, EcoStyle Paints deliver the characteristics required for enduring performance. Outstanding aesthetics, a consistent finish and the ability to easily scrub away scuffs and marks make EcoStyle Paints ideal for high traffic areas.



Testing of ROCKCOTE EcoStyle against competitor’s paints

In 2012, ROCKCOTE engaged an independent laboratory to conduct testing on ROCKCOTE EcoStyle against other leading brands. An independent NATA approved testing laboratory tested ROCKCOTE EcoStyle against two leading brands and found:

  • EcoStyle compared favourably in most categories
  • EcoStyle adheres better and has far superior abrasive scrub resistance than the competition


EcoStyle by ROCKCOTE Range

EcoStyle Flat: dries to an attractive and stylish flat finish. For walls and ceilings.

EcoStyle Low Sheen: dries to a tough and durable low sheen finish. Excellent for walls.

EcoStyle Satin: dries to a tough, scrubbable semi gloss finish. Best suited to doors and walls.

EcoStyle Gloss: dries to a tough, scrubbable, high gloss finish. Best suited to doors and trims.

Super flat, designed specifically for ceilings.

Ecostyle Sealer/Undercoat: dries to a hard, sandable finish that provides excellent adhesion for subsequent top coats.

EcoStyle Primer is a tintable, light-based primer that prepares a surface for excellent adhesion for subsquent top coats.

GECA Certification provides confidence

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints have been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia, Australia’s leading certifier of environmentally preferable goods and services.  

When a product is certified against GECA's Paints and Coatings Standard, consumers can be sure that it has been assessed to meet environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria.

Stringent third party testing by GECA provides assurance that EcoStyle Paints contain no known carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins; no prohibited substances including formaldehyde and toluene; and no harmful glycol ethers.

The entire product life cycle is analysed to ensure water emissions are responsibly managed, there are no ozone-depleting substances and waste generation is minimised.

GECA certification also contributes to Green Star Credits. View ROCKCOTE GECA Certification.

Choosing the right painter

By using a Certified Green Painter, you can be assured that your painter has the right information and skills to work with environmentally preferable paints.

Green Painters have specialised training in using non toxic and low VOC paints, and can answer all your questions about application and maintenance.

For more information, check out the Green Painters website.

Architects: specifying EcoStyle for your projects

  • GECA provides independent certification of environmental performance from a 'whole of product life cycle' perspective
  • Easy to specify
  • Eligible for Green Star Points
  • Available Australia-wide
  • Obtain product information, specifications and project support from ROCKCOTE Business Development Managers. We follow the entire project through from specification to completion ensuring that the intention of the architect is carried through to builders and painters.

Contact our sales team to obtain a specification on your project.

Outstanding performance means longer before repainting

Thinking of repainting your home? EcoStyle Paints are made with exterior grade resin to ensure the highest quality and durability. That means your finish will continue to look great for many years, and a longer time before repainting is required.

Most marks can be easily washed away with warm water and a sponge. For more stubborn marks, the surface will withstand scrubbing.

And, because EcoStyle Paints are non toxic and low odour your rooms won't have that new paint smell that usually comes with painting. Rooms can be occupied as soon as paint is dry.

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