EcoStyle Paints: performance and aesthetics for public buildings

EcoStyle Paints: performance and aesthetics for public buildings

Whether it's a library, gallery, museum, office, council building or any commercial or government building, EcoStyle Paints deliver the characteristics required for enduring performance.

The paint of choice for many high profile projects in Canberra including the National War Memorial and the Australian National Museum, EcoStyle Paints offer outstanding aesthetics, a consistent finish and the ability to easily scrub away scuffs and marks.

No odour and exceptionally fast drying time means rooms can be recoated and occupied in the same day. This is especially important in spaces where regular repainting and maintenance is required such as foyers, galleries and museums.

EcoStyle Paints are suitable for a range of projects

  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Other creative spaces
  • Libraries
  • Government offices
  • Municipal buildings
  • Commercial office developments

Why use EcoStyle Paints for maintenance contracts?

For maintenance contracts, ROCKCOTE works closely with maintenance teams to provide:

  • consistency of product and colour
  • regularity of supply; and 
  • ongoing support and training

For new projects, our Business Development Managers work closely with project teams from specification through to completion.


We Recommend:

For walls: EcoStyle Low Sheen
For doors and trims: EcoStyle Gloss
For ceilings: EcoStyle Ceiling White


Why use EcoStyle Paints for museums and art galleries?

"We regularly use EcoStyle Paints for new paints and ongoing maintenance in high profile buildings such as the National Portrait Gallery, National Museum, and the War Memorial. EcoStyle Low Sheen provides an exceptional, low maintenance finish that offers superb aesthetics for gallery-type environments. For high traffic areas that are open year-round, EcoStyle Paints allow spaces to be recoated and occupied the same day."

- Elton Willis, Besselink Painters, Canberra

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