EcoStyle Paints for schools and child care centres

EcoStyle Paints were used in a major building project at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane. Pictured is the new administration area

EcoStyle Paints for schools and child care centres

Hand prints, scuff marks, dirt, food stains, scratches, general wear and tear. Schools, universities and child care centres are punishing environments for paints. Add to this the need to consider indoor air quality and choosing the right paint for an education environment can quickly become complicated.

EcoStyle Paints are ultra-premium quality paints that deliver a high performance, scrubbable finish without the use of toxic chemicals. Designed with exceptional aesthetics, easy maintenance and healthy indoor air in mind, they are the ideal paints for an education environment.

Washable and scrubbable

EcoStyle Paints are made with exterior grade resin to ensure the highest quality and durability for both interior and exterior applications. That means most marks can be easily washed away with warm water and a sponge and the surface will withstand scrubbing for more stubborn marks.

Non-toxic and very low VOC

Stringent third party testing by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified), provides assurance that EcoStyle Paints contain none of the known carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals present in some other paint brands including glycol ethers, pthalates and formaldehydes.

VOCs can also have a detrimental effect on human health, triggering allergies, asthma, headaches and other symptoms as they evaporate (see How to Choose Healthier and Environmentally-Preferable Paints). EcoStyle Paints are considered very low VOC by the Australian Paint Approval Scheme standards. 

Why choose EcoStyle Paints for your Education project?

  • EcoStyle Paints are low odour so there are no lingering fumes and spaces can be used as soon as the paint is dry
  • Scrubbable and easy to clean so perfect for high traffic and high demand areas
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • 100% acrylic
  • Free from dangerous chemicals and solvents
  • Very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • GECA Certification provides confidence that EcoStyle Paints are environmentally preferable and better for human health
  • Unlimited colour range
  • 15 year warranty

The benefit of experience

ROCKCOTE is able to provide a full system specification for using EcoStyle Paints on the interior and/or exterior of your project. We work closely with architects, specifiers, builders and applicators to see each project through to completion.

EcoStyle Paints were used on more than 30 projects across Queensland as part of the government's Building Education Revolution program and an increasing number of educational institutions are turning to ROCKCOTE for guidance on how to choose finishes that do not negatively impact indoor air quality. The follow are just some of the school projects where EcoStyle Paints have been used:

EcoStyle by ROCKCOTE Range

Lourdes Hill College uses EcoStyle for major project

The health of staff and students was a key aspect in selecting EcoStyle Paints for the biggest ever building project at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane. The project features a five-story learning hub with 470-seat auditorium, 7 science labs, 8 classrooms, as well as a roof-top play area with stunning views of Brisbane city.

EcoStyle Paints were used for all interior painted walls, selected for their low odour toxin free and zero VOC features.

“There is a perception that new buildings will always be accompanied by a new building smell, which is often due to toxins in the paint. We don’t like that smell. With the EcoStyle Paint, the building can be occupied immediately after the paint is dry and there is no smell and no lingering fumes.” - Jafrul Khandker, Bertoldi Architects.

View the Lourdes Hill College project gallery

Choosing healthier and environmentally-preferable paints

In our guest blog, Emma Lloyd from Good Environmental Choice Australia talks about the ingredients in paints, their role and their effects on human health. Emma also outlines the importance of independent certification in helping to select a paint that is safer for people and the environment. 

Read our guest blog post on Choosing Healthier and Environmentally-Preferable Paints

EcoStyle a winner for Taylor School

Major renovations needed to be carried out at Taylor School, Canberra, after damage due to heavy rainfall. The health and wellbeing of students, staff and parents was a key factor in choosing EcoStyle Paints for the interior and exterior.

"The beauty of this paint is the speed at which you can expose people to the paint and know that it is safe. This is particularly important for children and school environments." - Jovan Van Campen, Small Quinton Coleman Architects.

Read the full story of Taylor school's project

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