Membranes & Clear Finishes

Membranes & Clear Finishes

ROCKCOTE Protective Finishes are premium, innovative coatings that provide the ultimate in protection.

Our range of protective coatings has been specifically formulated to endure the harshest Australian conditions.

For walls, ROCKCOTE offers a range of High Performance Membrane Paints, Render Paints and stunning clear finishes. There are products to suit both interior and exterior applications.

For roofs, ROCKCOTE Solar Protect provides superior rooftop protection for Australian climates.

ROCKCOTE’s Protective Finishes are also perfect as a final finish over ROCKCOTE Render, Coloured Render or Textures and most other external substrates.


ROCKCOTE Armour Flex and ROCKCOTE Armour are our most advanced high performance membranes ever. These heavy duty, flexible, high-build paint coatings are formulated specifically for the Australian climate.

Clear protective coatings, designed to enhance the look and feel of the surface beneath.

Intended for use with ROCKCOTE Coloured Render systems, retaining the natural look and breathability of the system while providing a water repellent and protective barrier.



ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is a durable, flexible acrylic membrane roof coating. Suitable for use over steel and tiled roofs and can also be applied as a final finish over ROCKCOTE Texture coatings.

Solar Protect has been developed to provide resilient protection against the harsh Australian climate. It resists pollution and minimises dirt retention.

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is available in satin and gloss finishes in a variety of colours.

ROCKCOTE Membranes & Clear Finishes Comparison table
ProductPurposeFinishTouch DryDry to RecoatTools
Armour FlexTDSThe ultimate performance finish for ROCKCOTE Render SystemsLow profile paint finish or medium build stipple finish; can be tinted to any colour2 hours 6-8 hoursNap roller, texture roller, brush or spray gun
ClearcoteTDSAs a top coat over ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders; interior and exteriorClear; retains natural aesthetic with a slight sheen2 Hours4 hoursNap roller, brush or spray gun
RepelTDSAs a top coat over ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders; interior and exteriorClear, low build, matt finish1.5 hours4 hoursNap roller, brush or spray gun
Solar Protect TDSFor tiled roofsAttractive satin or gloss finish1.5 hours4 hoursNap roller or spray gun


What is a membrane? 
A membrane is a much thicker (at least 3.4 times thicker) acrylic paint that provides flexibility and protection to the finished surface and are specifically formulated for the harsh Australian climate. 

Benefits of using a membrane vs house paint: 

  • Superior crack bridging (allows movement and won’t show cracks in the render)
  • Tintable to any colour
  • Outstanding resistance to dirt, mould and fungi
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • More time between repaints


ROCKCOTE Solar Protect offers beautiful, simple and high performance protection for tiled roofing. 

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is: 

  • A high performance membrane specifically designed for roofs
  • Manufactured using 100% acrylic emulsions to provide safe and long term protection to roofs
  • Suitable for use over tiled roofs

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