Natural Materials

The ROCKCOTE Natural Materials range draws inspiration from nature to provide beautiful natural interior and exterior finishes that don’t compromise your health or the environment.

With the increasing awareness of eco-building techniques alongside the desire to make our homes healthier, the benefits of using traditional natural renders and paints are being rediscovered.

By working with natural clay materials, natural lime and renewables like straw, hemp, bamboo, wheat and even volcanic ash, we are reviving ancient skills and building practices to create unique appealing, natural aesthetics.

The natural breathable plasters and paints can be used on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including traditional and eco-build materials like cob, straw bale and stone, as well as modern plasterboard and concrete surfaces, with stunning results. Most products in the Natural Materials range can be tinted to a wide range of colours using natural oxides.

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Choosing the right natural material for your project needs to take into account more than just the aesthetics you are seeking. The following also need to be considered and should be addressed by the applicator with the client for each natural materials project:

  • Location 
  • Environment
  • Substrate
  • Construction type (residential, commercial, high rise)
  • Green Rating (ie. use of environmentally friendly materials)
  • Skills and expectations of the applicator or artisan
  • Expectations of the client

The application of ROCKCOTE Natural Materials is a highly skilled process that requires experience working with natural building products and systems. It is the responsibility of the applicator to select the right product and system for the job and ensure correct installation and application according to the above and other relevant criteria.

Decorative Finishes

ROCKCOTE's Decorative Finishes range creates limitless possibilities - from a traditional organic, clay plaster look right up to the most modern polished plaster finishes.

Natural Renders

Combine modern technology and ancient methods to produce natural, durable renders that are compatible with modern construction methods as well as straw bale and other natural substrates.

Natural Paints

A range of environmentally friendly paints for health conscious people who are concerned about environmental pollution and indoor air quality.

Natural Materials Accessories

A range of accessories and tools to support the application and use of ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials range. Includes Carnauba Wax.

ROCKCOTE Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Cooking delicious, traditional, wood fired pizza in your own backyard has never been easier or more fun. The ROCKCOTE pizza oven kit includes clay cob and everything else you need to build your own oven in a weekend. 

Natural Materials and Colour

At ROCKCOTE we believe in managing your expectations, and providing you with products that are fit for purpose.

ROCKCOTE Natural Material products are made with pure ingredients and are free from synthetic nasties and toxins, therefore colour consistency is not desirable nor possible when these products are used.

Being traditional natural products, ROCKCOTE Natural Materials will display their natural patina over time in different ways. Many of these products can be tinted with oxides, however colour consistency and accuracy will depend on a large variety of factors such as dispersing time, oxide type and drying times as well as polishing and burnishing techniques. ROCKCOTE strongly recommends a colour and finish sample be provided for sign off by the selected applicator or artisan prior to the start of each project.

Being natural products, slight colour changes occur from batch to batch. It is therefore important to order enough material for the entire project at the same time.

We've drawn inspiration from natural to develop a Colour Range for our natural materials. 

Want to read more about our Natural Materials range?

The design team at ROCKCOTE has produced stunning 32-page colour book featuring products in our Natural Materials Range, along with some project case studies that show these products at their best.

You can download a pdf of the book or, if you would like a copy posted to you, please email us.

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