Natural Paints

Natural Paints

ROCKCOTE Natural Paints are premium quality environmentally friendly paints for health conscious people who are concerned about environmental pollution and indoor air quality.

Unique lime and clay-based formulations contain zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), have no lingering paint fumes are free of synthetic chemicals. They provide a natural alternative to other chemical-based paints on the market.

Unlike most modern low to zero VOC paints which are made from synthetic materials, ROCKCOTE natural paints are a true natural product. 

Natural paints can be used on almost every substrate that modern paints can be used on: walls, ceilings, woodwork, brick and block.

ROCKCOTE Clay Paints are suitable for interior use only while Lime Wash is suitable both interior use and exterior finishing coats.

A misconception of environmentally friendly paints is that their durability is inferior to modern, synthetic paints. ROCKCOTE's philosophy of combining traditional methods with modern technology means our natural paints continue perform superbly for many years provided they are cleaned with no harsh chemicals or detergents, just warm water and a damp cloth. 

Lime Wash delivers a traditional flat finish

ROCKCOTE Lime Wash provides a breathable decorative finish that penetrates into the underlying substrate, delivering a long-lasting, robust coating. Recreate the aged patina look reminiscent of a traditional Greek seaside building; or the heritage character of a Sydney terrace home. Perfect for heritage projects or commercial developments, particularly where Council requires new construction to maintain a heritage aesthetic.

ROCKCOTE Natural Paints Comparison Table
ProductPurposeFinishApplicationKey FeaturesCoverage RateTouch DryDry to RecoatTools
Lime WashTDSBrick, block, plasterboard, Off Form concrete and stonework Many surfaces can be coated with Lime Wash but high alkalinity may affect the underlying coatingSmooth or RusticIdeal for overcoating, particularly ROCKCOTE Lime Plasters, lime-based render, stucco and limestone Not suitable for areas of continual damp or submerged areas
  • Can help to consolidate friable limestone surfaces
  • Off white to white colour
  • Can be tinted to a wide range of colours but fading will occur depending on type of pigment used
Approximately 25-30 square metres per 15 litre drum2 Hours4 hours at 25 degreesC and 50% RHExtra long nap roller or medium texture roller or sheepskin mitt

About Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds are poisonous chemicals that can easily evaporate at room temperature. Indoor concentrations can be up to ten times higher than outdoors.

VOCs are emitted by a wide range of products including paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, copiers, printers, glues and furnishings. Research has shown that exposure to some VOCs may have long-term health effects.

ROCKCOTE’s Natural Paints range is certified as having zero VOCs, reducing air pollution and helping to create a healthier, safer indoor environment.

Modern Lime Wash for heritage projects

A centuries old building look can be achieved in a short period of time using ROCKCOTE Lime Wash on exterior walls.

For that reason it is perfect for heritage projects or refurbishments.

Historically the terms "lime wash" and "white wash" could be interchangeable. However more recently lime wash refers to a higher quality paint-like traditional lime finish and white wash the lower grade, semi-translucent liquid used on workers cottages throughout Europe and the United States in the mid twentieth century.

ROCKCOTE Lime Wash is a full bodied coating that is suitable for use on quality modern homes and commercial developments, particularly where Council requires new construction to maintain a heritage aesthetic.

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