Natural Renders

ROCKCOTE's Natural Renders are authentic earthen renders made from clay and lime, compatible with modern and traditional construction methods. 

Our Natural Renders impart a textural warmth, honesty and authenticity, naturally. We combine modern technology and ancient methods to produce natural, durable renders.

Earthen Renders are a natural earthy loam colour and can be tinted with oxides onsite if required. Coloured sands, quartz, marble chips, dry straw, crushed glass and other decorative elements can be added to create stunning unique effects. 

ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster Basecote is specified as a base coat for ROCKCOTE Marrakesh and ROCKCOTE Lime Wash. However it can also be used as an interior or exterior lime render for heritage work giving the finish of a more vintage, older finish (where ROCKCOTE Marrakesh gives a more modern, polished finish). ROCKCOTE Velvetino is used as a base coat to address substrate imperfections in plasterboard prior to application of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster.

They are easy to use, contain no cement and are free of dangerous chemicals. They have low embodied energy (energy necessary for the entire product life-cycle) and are fully recyclable which means they can be returned to the earth after use. The natural composition also means that they can play an active role in improving internal air quality.


ROCKCOTE Earthen Render Coarse is a hard, durable render developed for straw bale buildings and other natural substrates. Our most heavily textured natural material, Earthen Render Coarse is a true earthen render applied in thick coats to deliver an authentic rustic, natural clay finish.

ROCKCOTE Earthen Render Medium is a natural material formulated to create a natural earth plaster finish over modern substrates. The medium formulation is produced without the coarse aggregates in Earthen Render Coarse, making it more suitable for use in conventional buildings where a smoother textured look is desired.

A fine grained lime plaster that can be used both interior and exterior including areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and laundries.It is not suitable for shower recesses, bath tubs or hand basins as a finished product. It will comply with regulations on the refurbishment and repair of heritage listed and architecturally sensitive buildings. Lime Plaster Basecote is composed of hydrated lime, natural aggregates and additives. It is an ideal base coat for ROCKCOTE Marrakesh.

ROCKCOTE Velvetino is a traditional lime plaster developed as a base coat to address substrate imperfections in plasterboard prior to application of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster. ROCKCOTE Velvetino delivers a fine levelling coat that effectively covers the textured appearance of plasterboard, evening out vertical lines and smoothing joints, creating an homogenous surface for the subsequent application of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster.

ROCKCOTE Natural Renders Comparison Table
ProductPurposeFinishApplicationKey FeaturesTypical Coating ThicknessSet TimeTools
Earthen Render CoarseTDSBrick, block, concrete, AAC panels, plasterboard. Natural substrates including straw bale, cob, lath or rammed earthRustic or EarthenInterior or sheltered exterior. In dry areas over natural building systems, materials requiring a high build of up to 50mm
  • Suitable for traditional and modern buildings
  • Capable of being applied up to 50mm thick
6mm – 10mm optimal with no more than 15mm unless specified by ROCKCOTE48 – 72 hours.Hawk and trowel, screeded, floated, trowelled, sponged, texture brushed or undulated to give a range of textured finishes.
Earthen Render MediumTDSBrick, block, concrete, AAC panels, plasterboard Natural substrates including straw bale and bamboo lathRustic or EarthenInterior or sheltered exterior. As a base render (a natural version of ROCKCOTE’s Quickrender)
  • Can be sponge finished and painted or left in its natural state
  • Can be applied to previously painted surfaces with the addition of ROCKCOTE Acrybond
4mm – 8mm optimal with no more than 12mm24-48 hoursHawk and trowel, screeded, floated, trowelled, sponged, texture, brush or undulated.
Lime Plaster BasecoteTDSCan be applied over any standard building substrate following correct preparationFlatInterior and exterior including areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and laundries
  • Designed as a base coat but can be tinted to wide range of colours
  • Extremely durable
  • Will improve internal air quality
2mm – 4mm24 hoursTrowel
VelvetinoTDSDeveloped as a base coat to address substrate imperfections in plasterboard prior to application of ROCKCOTE Venetian PlasterBase coat. Smooth to lustre finish achievable as a finishing coatAs a base coat, apply one tight coat and leave 12 hours before applying ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster
  • Base coat for ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster
  • Achieve a smooth to lustre finish as a finishing coat
0.5-1.0mm12 hoursTrowel

The Advantages of ROCKCOTE Natural Renders 

  • Create a beautiful tactile finish and stunning aesthethic

  • Free of harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Naturally porous – they allow a building structure to breathe

  • A thirst for moisture means they regulate humidity, creating a fresh, whoelsome indoor environment

  • Very easy and forgiving to apply

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