ROCKCOTE Wood Fired Pizza Oven FAQs

ROCKCOTE Wood Fired Pizza Oven FAQs

Who can Build an oven using these Plans?

There answer is anyone! We have had a class of Grade 5 students build an oven. It is very simple. The plans are step by step, there are pictures and diagrams of each step. With a few friends you will be able to build your oven a weekend.

What does the completed oven look like?

The are many ways to finish your oven, some people have turned there oven's into what are really sculptures. However, most people prefer a classic pizza oven shape, finished in a plaster tinted with oxides to match the decore of the area. Into this plaster you can scratch patterns, or embed tiles to form a mosiac.

Where can I get the 20 Page Full Colour Pizza Oven Plans

Send us an enquiry via our contact page and we will send you the plans. Alternatively you can email Tony Thorogood directly on with any further questions. 

What makes this Oven so Good ?

  • We have developed these plans over time with regular feedback & trials
  • The curves are based on the cycloid arch for optimum strength.
  • The door height is 63% of the oven height to maximize efficiency
  • The golden mean is used throughout to ensure a naturally beautiful shape
  • Every step of the building process has been simplified so anyone can do it.
  • The oven can cook three pizza at any one time, enough to keep up with 10 - 20 appetites

I can't easily access the Clay, Straw and Manure I need for my Oven?

Our kits come with everything you need to make the oven, and we can deliver it to your door on a pallet. At a price comparable to a cheap and nasty oven kit from China. 

What makes ROCKCOTE ovens so good?

  • The oven can cook three pizzas at a time
  • The heat bricks deliver an even heat source throughout the oven giving even cooking
  • Can be used to cook a wide variety of foods including meat, fish, bread and vegetables
  • The door height is 63% of the oven height to maximise efficiency
  • Every step of the building process has been simplified so anyone can do it

What is Cob?

Cob is clay, silt, sand and straw mixed together. It is the best thing to make the oven out of because:

  • It loves hot temperatures
  • It is easy to work with
  • It is plentiful, natural and carbon neutral

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