ROCKCOTE Textures add depth and dimension like no other wall coating. They are perfect for enhancing a specific architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone.

ROCKCOTE Textures create attractive, tactile surfaces with intentional character. Designed to be overcoated with ROCKCOTE Armour.


Flexi Tex - Overcoated with 2 coats of ROCKCOTE Armour

Flexi Tex Medium is ROCKCOTE’s hybrid mineral texture of choice. An acrylic/cement hybrid dry mix texture coating designed to provide a natural and attractive sand finish. ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is very flexible and will control most forms of cracking, even from minor structural movement.

From small domestic projects to large commercial developments, ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex provides an extremely durable, cost effective and attractive texture finish.


  • Suitable for use over almost any commercially available substrate
  • Suitable as a finishing render on jobs where there are multiple substrates and uniformity of finish is required
  • Can be used in two coats directly over blueboard
  • Can be used interior and exterior


  • Reduces the need for many different products
  • Produces an attractive finish with only a hard float
  • No need to sponge, saving time and labour on site
  • Less straightening and floating of first coat as Flexitex will fill slacks and imperfections
  • High polymer content makes painting easy
  • Can be used directly on previously painted substrate, subject to adhesion testing
  • Can be used as a finish in ROCKCOTE's RRR system


ROCKCOTE Acrylic Texture is the ideal texture element of the ROCKCOTE Render + Texture + Membrane Paint System.

Available in fine, medium and coarse finishes, ROCKCOTE Acrylic Textures are highly flexible and durable and provide a consistent, even finish. Applied with a hawk and trowel and finished with a plastic float, they are ready for overcoating with ROCKCOTE Armour.

Tinting is recommended to assist with opacity of subsequent coating systems.


  • ROCKCOTE Acrylic textures have been formulated for use over both standard and difficult substrates such as previously painted masonry, off-form concrete, AAC panels, fibre cement sheeting and plasterboard.


Note for North Queensland users: ROCKCOTE Fast Float Finish Medium is a mineral-based texture coating used primarily in the North Queensland region. 

ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex - applied by Ruzic Rendering

Mineral versus acrylic texture: what is the difference?

Formulation: Mineral textures are cement based with polymer additive; acrylic textures are polymer based with selected graded sands/additives.

Packaging: Mineral textures are dry, bagged products; acrylic textures come in a plastic pail.

Drying time: There is no need to wait for moisture to be 15% or below before applying a mineral texture.

Wash off: Mineral textures are less likely to wash off if rained on within the first 4-6 hours of application.

Protection: Both mineral and acrylic textures can help to protect the substrate, especially when overcoated with ROCKCOTE Armour.


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