Repainting with confidence

Repainting with confidence

Helping body corporates manage quality refurbishments

At ROCKCOTE, we understand the complexity of refurbishing body corporate buildings: the decisions that need to be made, the information required and the processes involved.

More importantly, we know from experience that every project is different and that assembling a dedicated and proficient project team ultimately yields the best results.

Our philosophy is to work closely with strata and facilities professionals, and body corporate committees to understand the needs of each project and develop a system that is right for your building in your location.

A ROCKCOTE Business Development Manager with local experience will take the time to listen and understand the geographic, aesthetic, legislative and maintenance requirements sought before proposing a solution.

The Business Development Manager sees the project through from start to finish:

  • Provides answers to all your questions

  • Supplies finish and colour samples

  • Develops tailored specifications based on your project needs

  • Draws on our substantial network of reputable applicators to provide quotes,

  • On site assistance and guidance along the way

  • Provision of warranties and advice on ongoing maintenance

More than a product: a whole system

With 30 years of experience in the Australian building industry and products ranging from walling systems through to renders and paints, ROCKCOTE knows that a reliable system can only be produced if every part of that system works seamlessly with the other components.

ROCKCOTE offers full exterior building systems designed for Australian conditions that are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Our system specifications are easy to understand and follow. No jargon. No lengthy terms and conditions. Just a step-by-step guide to delivering each finish over each surface.

A quality refurbishment is about more than a coat of “paint”

It might be tempting to simply accept an offer to apply two coats of paint. This will ultimately result in a mediocre job that requires maintenance sooner.

A systems approach means undertaking inspections to ascertain the condition of the substrate prior to specifying the job, ensuring preparation is carried out to fix any issues with the substrate prior to starting. This helps to ensure the finish will last as long as possible. Key considerations include:

  • Has site mix render (sand and cement) been used previously? If so, efflorescence may be present, evident in white stain marks on the exterior

  • Are there cracks in the surface?

  • Are rust spots present?

  • Are there adhesion issues resulting in drummy render?

  • How long do you want the new system to last?

  • What environmental elements need to be considered? Eg. direct sun, wind, beachside location.

Taking a systems approach also considers the life of the finish by using a membrane instead of a standard exterior paint. A high performance membrane such as ROCKCOTE Armour or Armour Flex has far superior properties to a standard exterior paint ensuring your building is protected for longer.

By engaging ROCKCOTE as early as possible on your project, a more accurate scope of works  and a thorough understanding of what is required can be obtained. The result will be more accurate quotes and a smoother running project.

Why use a Membrane instead of paint?

Building substrates expand, contract and move. Architectural coatings must cope with this and the harsh elements of the Australian climate. Armour and Armour Flex membranes offer:

  • Outstanding crack bridging capability. This is the ability to stretch to cover cracks, meaning the coating is less susceptible to water ingress and further cracking. Armour Flex can stretch 2.9mm on a 2 coat application compared with 0.25mm for common exterior paint.

  • Higher film build means a thicker protective surface (165 microns for Armour Flex compared with 25 microns for a standard exterior paint)

  • Very high water resistance helps prevent water getting into the render

  • Easier cleaning and maintenance as well as longer time between repaints

Armour Flex can be used to protect your chosen finish from the elements for many years to come.


Body corporate refurbishment a worthwhile investment

A multi-million dollar property on the Gold Coast has had a remarkable facelift using ROCKCOTE’s respected render and Armour combination.

The original brick face building was showing its age and the design was out of character with the surrounding quality rendered buildings.

View the Paloma Units project gallery.

Iconic Armour Flex repaint wins in Master Painters Awards

ROCKCOTE Armour Flex was selected for the refurbishment of the eight-story Essington Apartments, formerly nurses accommodation, converted to residential apartments in 1998.

Award winning applicator, Ben Callaghan said that Armour Flex was chosen for its high level of durability in a harsh and windy environment, aesthetics and excellent crack-bridging properties.

The project took out a swag of NSW Master Painter’s Awards including the Multi-Unit Residential Repaint over $100,000 award.

View the transition in the Essington Apartments Gallery


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