ROCKCOTE Dry-mix Render Plant

ROCKCOTE Dry-mix Render Plant

The cutting edge of pre-mixed render technology

ROCKCOTE is justifiably proud of its state-of-the-art Dry-mix Render Plant at our Yandina headquarters.

The plant is the first of its type in Australia, using an innovative gravitational system and cutting  edge technology to produce quality pre-mixed, bagged cement render products.

ROCKCOTE has always taken a proactive approach to environmental issues – and this plant has been designed to be highly energy efficient, use minimal water and limit resource wastage.

How it works

1. Sand draining and drying

  • Sand is stored in an undercover drainage pit where excess water (several thousand litres per week) is drained and recycled for use in the onsite vegetable garden. This ensures the sand has minimal water content prior to reaching the dryer.
  • Sand then goes through a state-of-the-art fluidised bed dryer that has a low energy demand and burns environmentally friendly natural gas. Up to 15 tonnes of sand per hour can be dried under normal conditions.

2. Sand lifting and screening

  • Unlike other render plants that require sand to be moved repeatedly on conveyors, the ROCKCOTE plant only requires sand to be lifted once – and gravity takes care of the rest, making screening far more economical than standard systems.
  • Sand is lifted five stories to the top of a silo where it is graded into four different sizes. Large, unsuitable particles are discarded and sold. The other three grades are stored and ready to be used in the batching process.

3. Batching

  • The plant is used to produce all ROCKCOTE’s cement-based render products. Precise quantities of sand, cement and other materials are weighed and added by an automated programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • The computerised process delivers an outstanding level of weight accuracy so ROCKCOTE is able to produce reliable, consistent mixes every time.
  •  Once measured, the materials are mixed with large paddles before being bagged.

4. Bagging

  • The plant features robotic bag loading meaning there is no manual handling
  • Every bag is weight-checked and pallets are automatically stretch-wrapped to keep out moisture

The plant is able to produce up to 20 tonnes per hour of finished product – or 160,000kg per shift, allowing a regular supply of products to ROCKCOTE customers.



The plant produces superior quality dry-mix render:

  • Greater raw material control ensuring identical sand analysis every time
  • Consistent product quality
  • Components are mixed in exact specification for each render
  • Regular production means reliable supply
  • Even bag weights
  • Robotic bagging and wrapping ensures product stays dry


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