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Tips and tricks for cleaning interior paint work

Cleaning your interior paintwork can help to keep it looking new for longer. The sheen level of your paint will help determine the methods for cleaning. Read on for tips and tricks for cleaning the different sheen levels of paint. 

New Look EcoStyle 1L Labels

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle 1L pails have a new look that aligns with the 15L and 4L design. 

Gloss levels in paint and what it means for your final finish

Making the decision for which gloss level to use where can have a large impact on the final finish of your project and the wear-ability of your finish.

ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is now EcoStyle Ceiling White

ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is now sold as ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Ceiling White. Read on to find out more.

New product: ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer

ROCKCOTE welcomes a new product to its EcoStyle range. The ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is a cost-effective, tintable, GECA accredited, non-toxic, water-based primer that will ensure excellent adhesion of paint topcoats to surfaces.

Rental properties no problem for EcoStyle Paints

Three years ago, Frances Mangleson and business partner, Allan Martin renovated a block of four units in Brunswick Heads, NSW. Built in the 1950s, with a brick veneer added in the 1960s, the units badly needed refreshing prior to being placed on the rental market.

What's in your paint? Why it's important to look for non toxic, low VOC paint

Most contemporary buildings such as homes and offices feature an array of painted surfaces but what’s concerning is that a lot of paint contains nasty ingredients that can potentially have serious consequences for human health.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle...

How to best apply ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints

This video put together in collaboration with Green Painters demonstrates how to best apply our EcoStyle Paint range. It is valuable information for applicators using EcoStyle, demonstrating the application techniques that will provide the best results when using EcoStyle.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle a winner for Taylor School

There were celebrations for students and staff of Taylor School, Canberra at the start of the school year as they returned to their original building after a major refurbishment.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints: paint without compromise

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paint is high performance paint – with the added bonus of being non-toxic and VOC free. 

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle paints were intentionally developed as exterior performance paints that could also be used for interior...

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