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Rendering in cold weather

Weather conditions have an impact on the curing of render. For example, at 25°C and 50% relative humidity, render should dry and cure as per the information provided on the product’s technical data sheet (TDS). However, cooler, drier conditions may lengthen the curing time of the same render...

Cerano Product Update

Exciting News! We have reformulated Cerano to allow it to be tinted to a wide range of colours. 

The same performance, the same excellent quality, the same stunning Cerano that you know and love, just more choice . 

Available from the 7th of October 2019.

Visit the...

CodeMark Update 2019

Please Note: ROCKCOTE products are no longer covered by the CodeMark Scheme. 

Marrakesh Product Update | April 2019

Product specifications have been updated. Click read more for details or refer to the Natural Materials Systems Guide.

Introducing Tuscany Trowel On Coarse

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce Tuscany Trowel On Coarse. This product is an extremely coarse acrylic render that is available at selected stockists in New South Wales and Victoria.

Quick Render Fine formulation update

The ROCKCOTE Quick Render Fine formulation has been changed. This product is now made with a blend of Portland cement, which provides a much creamier and...

New Look EcoStyle 1L Labels

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle 1L pails have a new look that aligns with the 15L and 4L design. 

ROCKCOTE 4L products

Due to a lack of demand, ROCKCOTE has reduced the availability of its 4L products. ROCKCOTE products that are no longer available in 4L (but are still available in 15L) include, but are not limited to the Coloured Render range,...

Premium Ceiling White makes a triumphant return

Reformulated to be the ideal ceiling white paint for trade painters, ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White has a new ultra-flat finish, has low roller splatter and is easy to apply with a sprayer or roller.

Introducing ROCKCOTE Wet Edge Extender in easy pour containers

ROCKCOTE Wet Edge Extender is now available in easy pour 4L and 20L containers. Read on to find out more about Wet Edge Extender and how to order this product.

The Benefits of ROCKCOTE Solar Protect

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is a durable, flexible acrylic roof membrane that provides your roof with superior long-term protection. Find out more about why Solar Protect is the ideal paint for your roof restoration project.

Introducing ROCKCOTE Tile Roof Primer

ROCKCOTE Tile Roof Primer is the ideal primer for cement roof tiles. When used as part of a full ROCKCOTE Solar Protect system it provides up to a 12 year warranty. 

Santini White Base improvement

ROCKCOTE Santini White Base formulation has been improved based on customer feedback. Read on to find out how this may affect your Santini projects.

Masonry Primer now Masonry Primer Hi Op

Masonry Primer has been renamed to Masonry Primer Hi Op. The formulation remains the same, providing a high level of opacity for use on a wide range of substrates. 

Hotel Hotel: Earthen Render Coarse, Nishi colour

New Natural Materials colour: Nishi

ROCKCOTE has released a new colour in our Natural Materials range to reflect the on trend natural concrete colour many customers are seeking in their finishes.

“Nishi” is the popular dusty grey colour used on the Hotel...

Exposure Testing on Sandcote HYDRATECH

ROCKCOTE endeavours to ensure that our products hold up to harsh Australian conditions and provide the highest quality to our customers.

Recently, ROCKCOTE sent samples of Sandcote HYDRATECH (formerly known as Sandcote HydroGuard) to get...

New Natural Materials Tool Box

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce the Natural Materials Tool Box. This tool box is the ideal kit for a professional artisan or any applicator aspiring to be a ROCKCOTE Artisan.

New silver lids for Sandcote HYDRATECH

ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH pails now come with a distinctive silver lid. Keep an eye out for these new silver lids at a ROCKCOTE Stockist near you.Sandcote HYDRATECH

New ROCKCOTE buckets

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce two new buckets for several existing products. These are the 15L Primer bucket and the 15L Polymer Render bucket. Read on to find out which of our products will now be available in these new buckets.

ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer now with improved opacity

ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer has been improved and now has a higher opacity. Read on to find out more.

Introducing ROCKCOTE MgO Board Primer

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce its newest primer: MgO Board Primer. Read on to find out more about this product and its uses…

ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is now EcoStyle Ceiling White

ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is now sold as ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Ceiling White. Read on to find out more.

ROCKCOTE Fast Bond now available in 20L

ROCKCOTE Fast Bond is now available in 20L drums, which have replaced the 15L pails. 

New Natural Materials product: Velvetina

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce the newest edition to the Natural Materials range, ROCKCOTE Velvetina

Winter Grade available now

To assist with longer drying times in winter, ROCKCOTE reminds applicators that selected ROCKCOTE Coloured Render products come in a Winter Grade formula.

How to avoid soft render

Ever noticed that render may not completely harden, staying dry, soft and powdery when the weather is dry and cool? Read on to learn more about why and how to resolve this potential issue.

When to use Rockbond 27

Rockbond 27 is an acrylic-bonding agent specifically designed for use as a primer on highly absorbent substrates, prior to the application of render.

ROCKCOTE's new flooring products

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce two flooring products: RS15 Self-Levelling Underlayment and P15 Underlayment Primer.

Introducing Armour Matt

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce Armour Matt, which will replace Armour Flat. Armour Matt has been developed with increased crack bridging properties and higher flexibility than...

New Sandcote HYDRATECH - water repellent technology

Note 26 March 2018: ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH is the new name for ROCKCOTE Sandcote HydroGuard. There is no change in formulation, this is a change in name only. The change will be rolled out during the end of March and April 2018. ...

Acrybond is available in 20L, 15L & 4L

When to use ROCKCOTE Acrybond

ROCKCOTE Acrybond has multiple purposes, including as a primer on highly absorbent substrates, and it can also be added to ROCKCOTE Quick Render Grey or Quick Render Fine, Quick Float or Quick Render Off-White to increase adhesion and strength.

Bag render and wet weather

Remember to keep bagged render dry until it is ready to be used. This is particularly important to remember now that cold and damp winter conditions are on the way.

Facebook weekly product features

ROCKCOTE’s Facebook page is featuring a new product every week – providing information and advice for use of the product as well as an ‘Image of the Week’ where we invite you to submit your images of the product features for your chance to win. 

Liquid Carnauba Wax packaging size change

Liquid Carnauba Wax will now be sold in 20L drums, and will not require any further dilution.

Acrybond now available in 20L drum

Due to popular demand, ROCKCOTE Acrybond is now available in a 20L drum. 

Oxides and tinting the Natural Materials range

Oxides are used to tint the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials colour range. Read on to find out about what you need to consider when selecting a colour for your Natural Material project.

ROCKCOTE Quick Render FR substrate use changes

The TDS for ROCKCOTE Quick Render Fibre Reinforced (FR) has been updated to reflect the substrates that it is and is not suitable for application over.

When to use ROCKCOTE Anti Efflorescent Primer

ROCKCOTE Anti Efflorescent Primer provides an effective barrier coat against efflorescence that can arise from site mix render and mortar joints. 

The importance of batch continuity

Very slight variation in colour can occur between different batches of wet product. It is important to ensure that you receive wet product from the same batch number for your project to ensure high quality finishes can be achieved.

How to rinse a ROCKCOTE bucket and dispose of product properly

Learn about the best methods for disposing of your excess paint and texture that are not only environmentally responsible, but will also help you avoid fines.

Earthen Render upgrade

ROCKCOTE Earthen Renders have become popular for their beauty, economy and ease of use. A new formulation makes them even more versatile, allowing them to be tinted to a wider range of colours.

When to use ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer

ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer can improve the quality and aesthetics of systems on masonry substrates, particularly in broad wall areas. 

New product: ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer

ROCKCOTE welcomes a new product to its EcoStyle range. The ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Primer is a cost-effective, tintable, GECA accredited, non-toxic, water-based primer that will ensure excellent adhesion of paint topcoats to surfaces.

What's in your paint? Why it's important to look for non toxic, low VOC paint

Most contemporary buildings such as homes and offices feature an array of painted surfaces but what’s concerning is that a lot of paint contains nasty ingredients that can potentially have serious consequences for human health.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle...

Quick Render Fibre Reinforced cements itself in the Quick Render range

Another product has been added to our popular Quick Render range. Quick Render Fibre Reinforced has been developed specifically for high suction substrates. It is primarily used on Hebel and core filled fibre cement sheet trade name products such as AFS and Ritek.

ROCKCOTE Smooth Set gets a refresh

ROCKCOTE Smooth Set has really taken off with customers continuing to request the ‘polished concrete look’. The formulation has recently been changed and it is now being made on White GP Cement instead of the Off White (HE) Cement giving it a longer pot life and working time. Smooth Set also has a new bag and will soon be seen on shelves in the bag below. 

PM100 High Build new bag and volume

ROCKCOTE PM100 High Build has received further product development at the end of last year. The product is now lighter and the new bag weight is 9kg, while the yield remains the same.

The product is now a lower density, which means the product can give greater yield (go further or build higher on the wall) without adding weight. It will also be packaged in a larger bag to allow 12kg of product. This means the bags will be more stable on the pallet and allow more product to be sent per pallet (80bags at 12kg versus 80 bags at 9kg).

ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki in natural white

New product: ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki natural finish

ROCKCOTE has drawn inspiration from traditional Japanese interior finishes to develop a brand new product in the Natural Materials range, called ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki.

Otsumigaki (meaning ”polished and compressed”) is an extremely versatile product...

Acrylic Texture Medium formulation modification

The ROCKCOTE Acrylic Texture (Medium) formulation has recently been modified, resulting in an easier product to finish with less scratching from the float. It has a tighter sand finish and can also be sponged if required.

Pearlcote: A refined, glistening texture finish

If you’re a fan of ROCKCOTE Sandcote, then you really should check out Pearlcote. ROCKCOTE Pearlcote is a finer version of Sandcote that appeals to those wanting a more refined, smooth and glistening texture finish.


The products you know and love are now even better

ROCKCOTE has recently invested in a substantial upgrade of our Dry Mix Render Plant, resulting in even more consistency and reliability in our pre-blended cement render products. The benefits for customers include a Quick Render range that is better suited for sponging, a more consistent product, and better next day hardness.

Winter brings different drying times for renders and textures

With winter upon us, it is important to be aware that renders will cure more slowly and acrylic textures will dry more slowly during cold, damp weather. Cooler climates can affect the time these products take to cure due to decreased air and substrate temperatures.

Achieve an exceptional rendered finish with ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex

ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is a versatile cement based texture that delivers a cost effective, attractive sand finish. Flexi Tex is an excellent alternative to acrylic based textures and will control most forms of cracking.

Product Information: new fibreglass mesh

ROCKCOTE has changed its mesh supplier due to feedback from customers. The new 5mm by 5mm mesh is better quality, more rigid and cuts better.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints: paint without compromise

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paint is high performance paint – with the added bonus of being non-toxic and VOC free. 

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle paints were intentionally developed as exterior performance paints that could also be used for interior...

ROCKCOTE Skimcote now requires the addition of Fast Bond

ROCKCOTE has changed the formulation of Skimcote which now requires the addition of Fast Bond.

ROCKCOTE Skimcote is a pre-blended cement render, specially formulate for hot, dry, and humid environments. It is...

Name changes to Polymer Render range

ROCKCOTE has simplified the names of our Polymer Render range to more closely align with our cement names.

Polymer Render High Build (grey) is now Polymer Render GreyPolymer Render ...

Sandcote Wall

ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders: in a league of their own in the Australian marketplace

Don’t be fooled by inferior imitations, ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders are truly in a league of their own in the Australian marketplace. Domestic efforts at competition have generally been by paint manufacturing companies, and their attempts to replicate a...

ROCKCOTE Quick Render – which product is best for your job?

ROCKCOTE has been educating consumers about the advantages of our bagged render ever since the inception of our Quick Render range. Now you can easily compare the features and benefits of each individual Quick Render product and determine which is the most suited for your project.

ROCKCOTE Quick Render Bags

New ROCKCOTE Quick Render designs

Designs have also been completed for the entire range of ROCKCOTE Quick Render products, as well as Flexi Tex, Keycote, and Skimcote. Keep a look out for these in the...

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